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Cybersecurity for Woman (cfw)

Globally, high end digitalization, cloud computing, Internet of Things, electronic transactions, social media, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, and wireless technologies are magnetically attracting more people and businesses to step on the accelerator in a fast-paced world.

In tandem, the scale and advanced sophistication of the cybercrime spectrum is also intensifying at a feverish pace!

The magnitude of the damages inflicted by the cybercrimes poses a serious threat to the safety of not just businesses or individuals but, countries at large.
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Huge job market for women cybersecurity professionals!

Like in every other sector, cybersecurity ventures are increasingly seeking women professionals not only to diversify their workforce but to contribute for a safer and secure cyber world. There is a hugely untapped work resource left out if more women do not join in. Intelligent Lady-hackers are in demand!

By the end of the year 2021, there will be an estimated 3.5 million job opportunities in cybersecurity fields. Therefore, while about 48% of the women workforce preferred the STEM and other related job opportunities in the USA, there was just 14% of women opting for the information security sector. Organizations are also debunking the myth that women professionals are paid lesser than their male counterparts.
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Why should women opt for cybersecurity professions?

A recent study showed that more women are using the internet compared to men across all age groups. The reports also show that there is an overwhelming increase in the number of women falling victims to cyber threats, fraud and crimes. Online stalking has claimed 26% of the women victims while online sexual harassment has victimized 25% of women. Increase in online networking and transactions is bound to exponentially increase the percentage of cybercrime victims especially the women.

Women are ever more armed with higher education and certification credentials compared to their male counterparts in tackling cyber threats. The key areas women focussed in cyber defence are:

  • Risk analysis & management
  • Threat intelligence analysis
  • Security engineering

While asserting themselves with their professional skills, the survey reports find that the number of women rooting for the CTO post is 5% more than men, for VP of IT post they are ahead of men by 4% and in the corporate executive level they are ahead by a whopping 9%!
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Plug the gap!

More the contribution of women workforce in cyber defence, they can offer motivation to more of them to join the field. However, the survey also shows that there are lesser women in this field compared to men.

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More women workforce forms the base for a positive environment, plugs the gender gap while building a robust cybersecurity team, and results in innovative and diverse solutions to problems.
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What are the safety tips women must follow to be cybersafe?

  • Fiercely guard all personal and sensitive information while interacting online
  • Do not share more information than what is required
  • Keep all operating systems updated and apps well-guarded
  • Avoid interacting with cyber-strangers
  • Block and report mischief makers
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How is Rocheston’s Cybersecurity for Women unique?

Rocheston as always is the pioneer in bringing the best of the certification courses anticipating the market needs ahead of time! Our Cybersecurity course curriculum is designed to bring out the best Lady Hackers in town!

Our course equips the women to not only handle online/cyber threats but become experts in hacking technologies and futuristic advanced hacking methods. The curriculum is backed with adequate information about advanced pen-testing Linux OS and includes more than 1TB of hacking tools. With Rocheston’s Linux and cloud computing-based hacking course, the lady hacker will also be an expert in the cutting-edge hacking & intrusion detection techniques.
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What are the job roles applicable for women cybersecurity professionals?

Rocheston certified women cybersecurity experts ensure protection of networking systems and devices from existing and potential threats. Their job roles vary from data security experts, cybersecurity engineers, cyber analysts, security compliance officers, network & systems admin, security specialists, cyber tech consultants and so on.

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The cyberspace is highly volatile, evolving and thrill-packed with countless fascinating possibilities. Women are steadily and consistently climbing the ladder of corporate success in cybersecurity and Rocheston wants more women to aim for the sky and break that glass ceiling!

Confidently face the threats that emerge in the cyberspace arming yourselves with Rocheston’s cybersecurity certification and become the Cybersecurity Trailblazers!
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Rocheston is Here to Help Woman

We need woman to join the cybersecurity workforce. There is a huge shortage of women in this sector. We need 'Lady' Hackers.

Rocheston will assist woman in the workforce to take up the cybersecurity profession by training them with RCCE certification.

Internet 'is not working for women and girls', says Berners-Lee, Inventor of www. Women and girls face a 'growing crisis' of online harms, with sexual harassment, threatening messages and discrimination making the web an unsafe place to be.

Woman and girls face 'dangerous trend' in online abuse was forcing out of jobs, causing girls to skip school, damaging relationships and silencing female opinions.
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Top 20 Reasons Woman to Join Cybersecurity Profession

  • Cyber space is a battlefield and requires all the expertise professionals irrespective of gender can bring
  • There is a severe shortage of qualified and experienced cybersecurity professionals
  • Women intuitively understand security issues and can contribute in cyber defence
  • Diversity in viewpoints and ability to think from different angles is crucial in tackling cyber threats, which is why women must pitch in
  • Adding more women in the cyber workforce raises the much-needed awareness about the online threats looming at large
  • More women are needed in this field to plug the wide gender gap
  • Women cyber workforce will motivate more women to opt for this field
  • Equal employment is a great attraction for people from various other fields to join in
  • More women in the cyber workforce will help in breaking the myth that cybersecurity is men’s forte
  • Women joining the cyber defence will also help in popularising pay parity among men and women employees and help in breaking the myth that women professionals are paid lesser
  • Women cyberwarriors will break stereotypes that women opt only for liberal arts and non-technical jobs
  • All jobs in cybersecurity do not require heavy computer programming or network engineering skills and therefore is more attractive for women who are not qualified in computer-based fields
  • All levels of cybersecurity management can be scaled by women similar to their male counterparts
  • With advanced technologies penetrating every sector, cyber training now starts from school levels where more women cyber experts can also don the role of cybersecurity trainers
  • More women employees would also assure common people that cybersecurity is not all about black hoodies and dark web!
  • Women in key and higher management roles in cybersecurity field will ensure competitive pay making the jobs more attractive
  • Increasing women in cyber workforce will lead governments to invest more in STEM courses and incentivise other related certification programs
  • Cybercrime does not discriminate by gender, religion or nationality and therefore equal employment helps in contributions from various educational, social and cultural backgrounds
  • Women tend to use the internet more than men and hence would be aware of the types of gender-based online frauds and harassment
  • Lady hackers are not dark and scary characters but cool and trendy professional cyber warriors!
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Rocheston will empower women to stop these online abuses. Cybersecurity is your weapon. We will make them super-duper 'Lady' Hackers. Hacking Reinvented. Like. No. Other.
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