RCCE Candidate Handbook


Rocheston Department of Certification is known for offering very high-quality examinations and certification. RDoC’s Certification programs are designed to foster innovation, create excellence and maintain standards. The certification examinations are designed to assess competence based on, and consistent with, the scheme, by written, oral, practical, observational or other reliable and objective means.

For more information about the RDoC policies and procedures, please visit our website: https://cert.rocheston.com

Objective of Candidate Handbook

The objective of this RCCE Candidate Handbook is to provide the exam candidates with all the necessary information to become certified and guarantee the candidates that
the Rocheston Department of Certification (RDoC) will ensure the following:
  • Maintain fair and equitable certification and assessment.
  • Ensure impartiality and objectivity is maintained in all matters regarding certification.
  • Treat all persons involved in the certification process, in a fair and equitable manner. iv. Help in decision-making regarding granting, maintaining, renewing, or changing the scope of RCCE certification.Explain limitations and restrictions (if any) of certifications.

The RDoC complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

What is RCCE Certification?

The Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Engineer (RCCE) is the flagship certification program offered by the RDoC. The RCCE certification exam tests the candidates on the most advanced cutting-edge hacking and intrusion techniques.

The scope of the RCCE Certification scheme is to introduce, educate and demonstrate hacking techniques and tools for cybersecurity testing purposes only. All certified candidates pledge to fully support the Code of Ethics. Any violation of any provision of the Code of Ethics will be subject to action by a review panel, which can result in the revocation of the certification. The candidate will not exploit the acquired skills for illegal or malicious attacks and will not use such tools in an attempt to illegally compromise any computer system.

The candidate must agree to comply with all applicable local, state, national and international laws and regulations in this regard.

The RCCE certification scheme focuses on securing the information technology assets of an organization including protection of networks, computer systems, programs and data (structured and unstructured) from unauthorized access and malicious threats.

The RCCE certification will be valid for 2 years upon passing the examination.

How to earn the RCCE certification?

Candidates will be granted the RCCE certification by passing an online proctored RCCE exam.
The prerequisites to earn the RCCE certification for candidates: Two-year working experience in a cybersecurity related field.
For more information on the RCCE certification program, please visit the Rocheston Department of Certification website: https://cert.rocheston.com

The candidate will be tested in the following domains of cybersecurity:
  • Cybersecurity Policies and Governance
  • Risks/Threats/Vulnerability Assessment
  • Risks/Threats/Vulnerability Management
  • Security Incident Response and Recovery Plan

RCCE Exam Modality

  • Mode - Online proctored
  • Exam Duration: 120 minutes
  • Exam platform - Cyberclass and Rocheston Ramsys are used to proctor the exam
  • Question Type - Multiple Choice Questions (Objective type)
  • Total count - 100 questions
  • Pass Percentage - 62%
  • Retake Policy - To schedule and retake the exam at your convenience, please fill and submit the Exam Re-take Form
  • The certification is valid for 2 years.
  • Certified candidates are free to use the logo as a RCCE Certified Cybsesecurity Engineer according to the Logo and Badge Guidelines.
  • Certified candidates will also receive access to the Cyberclass Portal
  • Candidates who have passed the exam will receive a soft copy of the certificate followed by an acclaim badge and finally a physical certificate.


The Rocheston Department of Certification confirms the candidate’s eligibility to take the RCCE Certification Exam based on the submission of the proof of minimum 2 years of experience in the cybersecurity domain with an authorization/experience letter from the Employer/ Supervisor / Department confirming your work experience.

Special Accommodations

Rocheston Department of Certification (RDoC) is fair and impartial to candidates who are differently abled, or have physical, visual, speech, hearing impairment. If you require special accommodations to take the exam, please refer to the Special Accommodations policy which is located on our website.

Exam Registration Steps

  • The Candidate fills the Exam Eligibility Application Form which can be found here https://cert.rocheston.com/exams/rcce-exam-application/
  • The Exam Eligibility Application form is received by the Program Officer.
  • The Program Officer checks if the candidate meets the eligibility requirements based on the documents attached.
  • If Candidates meets the eligibility criteria, An email with confirmation is sent to the candidate and the payment link will be sent to the candidate.
  • Application of the candidate is reviewed for conformity/eligibility. Acknowledgement with acceptance/rejection is intimated to the candidate, not later than 14 days.
  • Once Payment is done, Proctor contacts the candidate with Exam scheduling link.
  • Student can schedule the exam based at their convenience.
  • Proctor contacts the candidate with Exam details & Processes.
  • Candidate takes up the Exam on the scheduled date and time following all the process outlined.
  • If the candidate passes the Exam, they are issued with a soft copy of the Certificate immediately which is later followed up with an Acclaim Badge and a Physical certificate.
  • If the candidate does not pass the exam, they can retake the exam following the same steps outlined.

Confidentiality of Information

NOTE: All documents filed with RDoC by applicants in the exam registration process (initial or continuous improvement reviews) are considered the property of the applicants filing the information. The RDoC will not release any of these documents without the written permission of the applicants or as may be required by the law. In addition, the RDoC staff or volunteers cannot modify any document submitted by the applicants that is involved in the certification review process.

In the event of a third-party contacting Rocheston to verify the authenticity of a certified person’s use of the RCCE logo, Rocheston will provide them with the link to their publicly available certification badge.

Exam Retake Policy

If a candidate is not able to pass the exam on the first attempt, or could not take the exam at the allotted time for some reason, the candidate can reschedule at his/her convenience. Under such circumstances the candidate will get one free attempt to take the exam. For further details visit our website at https://cert.rocheston.com .

The Rocheston Department of Certification reserves the right to revoke the certification status of candidates who attempt the exam without abiding by the Rocheston Department of Certification Exam Retake Policy as stated

Violation of Exam Policies

If a candidate violates any testing rule, exam policy, or term within the exam agreement or NDA, or engages in any misconduct that diminishes the security and integrity of RCCE certification in any way, the candidate may be permanently prohibited from taking
any of our future Certification exams. In addition, the candidate may be decertified and test scores may be revoked.

Certification Exam Policy

The RDoC is committed to ensuring that the RCCE certification exams are respected and valued across the globe. Our certification exams are delivered on a completely online proctored platform called Ramsys.

The Rocheston Department of Certification takes appropriate measures to ensure that the integrity of its exams is not compromised and is accountable for taking appropriate steps to prevent and detect fraud and exam security breaches. The candidates are bound by the NDA wherein they undertake the commitment to not release confidential examination materials or participate in any fraudulent test-taking practices.

The Exam Committee under the guidance of the RDoC, shall conduct data forensics to identify patterns of deviance in exam results that help detect cheating or content piracy. Forensic indicators such as types of responses, latency, pass rates and retakes could help in revealing patterns of cheating, collusion or piracy. The Exam/Proctor Coordinator who observes violations of rules or suspect a testing security breach must immediately contact and inform the authorities. All relevant facts supporting the alleged breach shall be documented including the date, time and location of the incident, name of Candidate, name and version of exam taken.

Rocheston Continuing Education (RCE) Policy

The RCCE Certification is valid for 2 years after which it can be renewed for each period by successfully earning the Rocheston Continuing Education (RCE) credits/points. The certified members will have to achieve a total of 100 credits (per certification) within a period of the 2 (two) years. All certification related correspondence will be sent to the email address provided during the exam registration. If there is a change in your email address, please notify the Department of Certification by sending a mail to [email protected], failing which you will be unable to receive critical updates related to the certification.

NOTE: The RCCE certification and associated credentials including the certification badge, eCertificates, RCCE certification logo, Cyberclass access and exam scores will automatically become inactive after the expiration of the validity period of 2 years unless the certification renewal process through RCE is initiated. The RDoC mandates only the members with valid, active certification can be provided with the continuous product and service updates or releases related to the RDoC.


Once a candidate becomes RCCE certified, the relationship between the RDoC and candidate will always be governed by the Candidate Certification Agreement which the candidate must agree to prior to receiving the certification. This agreement is also provided if a certified member earned the certification that is included under the RCE scheme, he/she will have to achieve a total of 100 credits (per certification) within a period of two years. The credits can be earned in many ways including attending conferences, writing research papers, preparing for training classes in a related domain (for instructors), reading materials on related subject matters, taking an exam of a newer version of the certification, attending webinars, and many others.

Upon completion of the 2-year RCE and meeting the requirements, the candidate’s certification validity will be extended for another two years from the month of expiry.


RDoC certification benefits are non-transferable and intended for use solely by the candidate who has earned by successfully passing the registered examination. It reserves the right to suspend or withdraw Certification at any time due to non-compliance that may arise due to transfer, misuse or for allowing improper access to certification benefits. Exam results may be invalidated and benefits may not be reinstated. Violation of RCE policy, may also result in revocation of certification and associated benefits. The candidate will not be eligible for a refund or any compensation as a result of such action. Revocation is done when a certified person is found to be in violation of any of the points mentioned in the Candidate Agreement which can be found here https://cert.rocheston.com/policies/candidate- agreement/ Members whose certification is revoked will be required to retake and pass the respective new exam to regain their certification.


The right to use the logo/badge/certification usage and to hold the certificate is immediately suspended if the candidate misuses the certificate as specified as per the conditions in The Candidate Certificate Agreement. RDoC is authorized to withdraw or to declare null and void the certificate - autonomously or in cooperation with the auditing body - in case of grave reasons justifying a suspension. RDoC is authorized to revoke the suspension - autonomously or in cooperation with the auditing body – provided that the candidate has taken corrective actions and that these corrections are verified and positively evaluated by the auditing body or the certification body. In the event of suspension, The cadidate will be suspended for a period of 90 days during which the investigation and final resolution will take place.


The candidate may terminate the Candidate Certificate Agreement any time upon written notice to RDoC. RDoC reserves the right to terminate this Candidate Certificate Agreement for cause and revoke The certification designation at any time upon written notice to the candidate’s mailing and/or email address. Cause for Termination shall include, (i) any breach of the Candidate Certificate Agreement which remains uncured for 30 days following notice of the breach by RDoC, (ii) RDoC determination, in its sole discretion, that the candidate has cheated on any Certification Exam, has aided in the cheating of a Certification Exam or have disclosed test questions of any Certification Exam to a third party, or (iii) misrepresentation of the Certificate Designation (iv) Non-compliance of the certification scheme before the end of the suspension period, if the certificate is under suspension. Upon termination of this Agreement, all rights related to Certification Designation, including all rights to use the Certification Designation and the Logo, will immediately terminate. Except as provided herein, the candidate shall have no further rights or obligations under Candidate Certificate Agreement after termination.


The RDoC has a transparent Appeals policy to help the candidates to ‘raise an appeal’ in order to reconsider or complain against any decision, exam process related issues or certification issues. Candidates and applicants have the right to appeal/complain about any process/decision related to the certification scheme.

Members whose certification has been suspended or revoked due to non-compliance of certification requirements may send in an appeal form. The Appeal Form can be downloaded from: https://cert.rocheston.com/policies/appeals-policy/
Further details on the appeal process are available in the Appeals Policy.

Code of Ethics

The RDoC mandates all stakeholders to abide by the Code of Ethics documented as part of the Candidate Certification Agreement and shall:
  • Support the implementation of and encourage compliance with
  • appropriate standards, procedures, and controls for information systems.
  • Perform duties with objectivity, due diligence, and professional care, in
  • accordance with professional standards and best practices.
  • Serve in the interest of stakeholders in a lawful and honest manner, while maintaining high standards of conduct and character, and not engage in acts discreditable to the profession.
  • Maintain the privacy and confidentiality of information obtained in the course of their duties unless disclosure is required by legal authority. Such information shall not be used for personal benefit or released to inappropriate parties.
  • Maintain competency in respective fields and agree to undertake only those activities that they can reasonably expect to complete with professional competence.
  • Inform appropriate parties of the results of work performed, revealing all known significant facts.
  • Not associate with malicious hackers nor engage in any malicious activities.
  • Not make inappropriate reference to the certification or misleading use of certificates, marks or logos in publications, catalogs, documents or speeches.
  • Not be in violation of any law of the land or have any previous conviction.

Ethics Violation

The RDoC’s commitment towards ethics binds all of its services, people and operations together. The RDoC mandates and stipulates all of its certified professionals, registered candidates, and prospective candidates to conduct themselves with the law and ethical practices that would reflect positively on clients, industries, and society.

The RDoC’s Code of Ethics has the top priority among the mandatory standards and is a requisite. The RDoC has an objective and fair process of evaluating cases of ethics violation. Any person may report violation of the mandatory Code of Ethics by filling the

Ethics Report form, describing clearly the facts and circumstance of the violation, and obtaining the confirmation of two verifiers who confirm that the report is true and correct.

The RDoC has the authority to temporarily suspend a member who is suspected of violating the RDoC’s Code of Ethics while the case is being brought before the Exam Committee for their review and resolution. The maximum allotted period for resolving such cases is 90 days. The Committee will rule in light of substantial and sufficient evidence of ethics violation. Possible resolutions or penalties may include decertification, reprimand, warning, suspension of certification, publication of infraction and/or penalty, and lastly any possible litigation. The RDoC will be formally notified of the Exam Committee resolution in writing and with full details. The RDoC will notify the member/s, persons or parties concerned by email or registered mail of the Exam Committee resolution. The Committee resolution is considered as final.

Logo Guidelines

The Logo and Badge Guidelines document explains the proper usage of the RDoC logos. The certifications awarded by RDoC are concrete credentials recognized by major industries that can help accelerate your career growth and provide tangible benefits by adding value to your chosen cybersecurity profession. RDoC certifications are credible validation of upskilling required for professional development, improve your productivity, and enhance your standing. The certification also signifies a benchmark of experience and expertise recognized for its value and relevance in the industry.

Rocheston official typefaces that provide a wide range of visual options, are used for ensuring consistency and uniformity to endorse our brand identity and strengthen our communications. The Rocheston certification program logo brand identity is instantly recognizable wherever it is used. Variations of the logo specifications mentioned in the guidelines document, are not authorized by Rocheston Department of Certification. Rocheston Department of Certification remains the sole owner of all logos/badges and certifications issued.

Statement of Compliance

The Rocheston Department of Certification aims to enrich, upskill and validate cybersecurity concepts and hacking techniques for academic learning and testing purposes only. The RDoC certified members acknowledge that the certification is a mark of assurance of quality standard. In lieu of this, all certification candidates pledge to fully support the Code of Ethics. Certified professionals found violating any provision of the Code will be subject to action including the revocation of the certification. To this end, you will not exploit the thus acquired skills for illegal or malicious attacks. You agree to comply with all applicable local, state, national and international laws and regulations in this regard.

Please write to [email protected] for any further information/enquiries.
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