Appeals Policy

The Rocheston Department of Certification (RDoC) has a transparent Appeals policy to help the candidates to ‘raise an appeal’ in order to reconsider or complain against any decision, exam process related issues or certification issues. An Appeals and Complaints Officer reporting to the Manager for Quality & MIS, would work on resolving the issue(s) raised in the appeals. The appeal applicants should fill the Department of Certification’s Appeal Form and attach supporting evidence if applicable.

Appeal Process Explained

  • The Appeals & Complaints Officer receives the duly filled Appeal Form from the appeal candidate.
  • The Appeals & Complaints Officer sends acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint to the Communication officer who notifies the candidate via email of receipt within 72 hours of receipt of appeal.
  • The Appeals & Complaints Officer verifies the validity of the appeal.
  • If the appeal has no merit the appeal is closed and the decision is communicated to the Communication officer who in turn communicates the decision to the candidate.
  • If the appeal has merit the Appeals & Complaints Officer conducts a further investigation with the concerned bodies.
  • The results of the investigation are sent to the Manager of Quality and MIS and the Director of Certification.
  • Based on the findings of the investigation, the Director of Certification shall take a decision on the appeal and give instructions on actions to be taken.
  • The final decision on the appeal is sent to the Communication officer who in turn informs the candidate via email of the decision on the appeal and follow up action if any.
  • The decision taken by the Director of Certification is final.

The RDoC is responsible to provide the candidate with the appeal results within 30 days from receipt of the candidate's appeal request.
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Banned Candidate Appeal Process

Banned candidates have a right to appeal once to the RDoC. The candidate should fill the RDoC‘s Appeal Form in full, attach their examination details and submit it within 90 days from the RDoC’s ban date.

RDoC shall complete its thorough investigation following the Appeal Process Flowchart, within 30 working days and communicate the final decision to the candidate. This decision is irrefutable and final.

Suspended Candidate Appeal Process

Members whose certification has been suspended due to non-compliance of certification requirements may send in the Appeal Form to RDoC. This Appeal Form must be sent to the RDoC within ninety 90 days of the suspension/ revocation notice, providing details of the appeal, reason(s) for non-compliance and any relevant supporting documents. Appeals received beyond the above-mentioned time frame would not be reviewed.

No Discriminatory Actions

Submission, investigation and decision on appeals shall not result in any discriminatory actions against the appellant. If the appeal is related to the RCCE exam, the appeal request must be submitted within 7 calendar days from the exam date. All other appeals must be submitted within 60 calendar days from the RDoC’s written decision.

If you have an appeal against a decision on an already made appeal, you can send in a complaint and it will be forwarded to our President, who will do a second review of the issue and come to a final decision.

Certification Appeals Form

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