General Complaints

The Rocheston Department of Certification (RDoC) has a transparent Complaints policy to receive and address any shortfalls and issues that a concerned party or stakeholder may have. An Appeals and Complaints Officer reporting to the Manager for Quality & MIS, would work on resolving the issue(s) raised in the complaint. Anyone wishing to file a complaint can fill the Department of Certification’s Complaint Form and attach supporting evidence if applicable.

Filing a Complaint

Any individual referred to as the “Complainant”, may file a Complaint.
To file a valid Complaint, the Complainant has to fill in the online Complaint Form.
Complaints, alleging breach of privacy, issues related to regulatory compliance, plagiarism, any false or misleading representations in connection with an application, or maintenance of certification in RDoC, may be brought at any time. All other complaints that do not fall under the mentioned categories shall not be considered by RDoC if they had occurred more than 2 years prior to the date of complaint.

In the event the subject matter of the Complaint is or becomes the basis of a pending legal proceeding, RDoC may, in its discretion, defer action regarding such Complaint until a final resolution of the legal proceeding.

Complaint Process Explained

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  • The Appeals & Complaints Officer receives the duly filled Complaint Form from the Complainant.
  • The Appeals & Complaints Officer sends acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint to the Communication officer who notifies the Complainant via email within 72 hours of receipt of a complaint.
  • The Appeals & Complaints Officer verifies the validity of the complaint made.
  • If the complaint has no merit the complaint is closed and the decision is communicated to the Communication officer who in turn communicates the decision via email to the Complainant.
  • If the complaint has merit the Appeals & Complaints Officer conducts a further investigation with the concerned bodies. If a certified person is a concerned body, the Appeals and Complaints Officer will contact the individual for any information required. This is also done to make the certified person aware that there is a complaint against them.
  • The results of the investigation are sent to the Manager of Quality and MIS and the Director of Certification.
  • Based on the findings of the investigation, the Director of Certification shall take a decision on the complaint and give instructions on actions to be taken.
  • The final decision on the complaint is sent to the Communication officer who in turn informs the Complainant of the decision on the complaint.

The RDoC is responsible to provide the Complainant with an actioned response to their complaint within 30 days from receipt of the Complainant’s complaint.

Complaint Confidentiality

All complaints made are kept confidential. In the event of any reason arising where identifying information may have to be released consent to release information will be sought from the complainant. No identifiable information will be released without documented permission from the Complainant.
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