Certification Exam Policies and Procedures

The Rocheston Department of Certification (RDoC) is committed to ensuring that the RCCE certification exams are respected and valued across the globe. Policies and Procedures related to Certification are applicable for all Applicants, Candidates and Certified Persons and have been created in order to be non-discriminatory in nature. Our certification exams are delivered on a completely online proctored platform called Ramsys.

Certification shall not be restricted on the grounds of undue financial or other limiting conditions, such as membership of an association or group. RDoC will not use procedures to unfairly impede or inhibit access by applicants and candidates. As the certification body, it takes appropriate measures to ensure that the integrity of its exams is not compromised. The candidates are bound by the Candidate Agreement wherein they undertake the commitment to not release confidential examination materials or participate in any fraudulent test-taking practices.

Exam/Proctor Co-ordinator or Proctor who observe violations of rules or suspect a testing security breach must immediately contact and inform RDoC. All relevant facts supporting the alleged breach will be documented, including the date, time and location of the incident, name of Candidate, name and version of exam taken.:

1. Exam Monitoring Procedures

The RDoC ensures implementation of the following rules:
  • A candidate may take the exam without interruptions.
  • The exam policies and procedures must be communicated to the enrolled candidates prior to the beginning of the exam.
  • Each exam is actively proctored with an unobstructed view of each candidate. Acceptable methods of proctoring include:
  • Camera/video display - The proctor may remotely monitor the candidate via a camera with access to a complete view of the testing environment..
  • While testing is in progress, use of equipment such as printers, fax machines, copiers, telephones, or other electronic devices is not permitted in the testing environment.

2. Candidate Check-in and Exam Procedures

Before the candidate takes up the certification exam, the candidate’s identity with at least one form of valid identification document containing both a photograph and the candidate’s signature.
  • The candidate’s ID must match the registered account information on the validation screen prior to launching of the exam.
  • The test must not allow recording or electronic devices in the testing area. Such devices include paper, pens, pencils, cameras, computers, or cell phones. Additional candidate’s property, such as books or bags, should be stored outside the testing environment or remain inaccessible during the exam.
  • The candidate is expected to have read and accepted the terms of the Candidate Certification Agreement prior to the commencement of the exam.
  • The candidate must not remove/delete any exam related content from the testing area and must NOT reproduce the exam content outside of the testing area.
  • The candidates found to have violated any of the test rules may lose any existing certifications and become permanently ineligible for additional certifications.

NOTE: If the computer on which a candidate is taking the exam stops responding or an internet disruption occurs, the proctor will wait for 5 minutes for the candidate to reconnect, failing which the proctor terminates the exam and contacts the candidate to reschedule the exam.

3. Exam Retake Policy

If a candidate is not able to pass the exam on the first attempt, no cooling or waiting period is required to attempt a retake of the exam. The candidate may retake the exam any time on payment of a fee. RDoC reserves the right to revoke the certification of candidates who attempt the exam without abiding by the RDoC Exam Retake Policy as stated above.

4. Violation of Exam Policies

If a candidate violates any testing rule, exam policy, or term within the exam agreement (Candidate Agreement), or engages in any misconduct that diminishes the security and integrity of the certification in any way, the candidate may be permanently prohibited from taking any of our future Certification exams. In addition, a certified person may be decertified and test scores may be voided.

5. Exam Scoring Policy

RDoC updates and publishes the new versions of the Certification exams. The passing score for the exam is set at 62% based on psychometric analysis and applies to both forms of the exam.

6. Certification Ownership Policy

RDoC certifies those candidates who have successfully met all the prescribed certification requirements. It is to be noted that the certification awarded is valid and associated with only the individual (candidate) and not any company or organization.

7. Exam Retirement Policy

RDoC prescribes a 90 days notice period for the retirement of a certification exam. RDoC website details all the announcements and individually notifies the candidates through emails. The candidates must ensure that their contact information is maintained up to date with RDoC.

8. Pricing Policy

RDoC has fixed the pricing for the RCCE Certification Exam for all candidates as follows:
  • RCCE Certification Exam Fees: 499 USD
  • RCCE Certification Exam Retake Fees: 499 USD

9. Export Restrictions Policy

We abide by the U.S. trade laws and regulations, keeping ourselves updated on the list of restricted countries under the US government, from time to time. For candidates who are nationals of those restricted countries, RDoC mandates the following conditions:

RDoC does not directly or indirectly accept payment from, nor directly or indirectly deliver exams to candidates residing in the mentioned export restricted countries.
  • If a national of an export restricted country registers for the exam in an authorized country, with an address in an authorized country, and appears for the exam with an ID from an export restricted country, the candidate’s application will be rejected and the exam fee will be returned. However, a case-by-case consideration may be given to permanent residents who are living outside the export restricted country.
  • If a candidate is a national of an export restricted country and has permanent residence outside that country, the candidate may request an exemption by contacting the RDoC and providing a copy of a valid ID confirming the new permanent resident status.
  • The IDs provided by the candidate for the exam, must not contain an address in the export restricted country.

Please note, that though there are provisions for permanent residents, export licensing requirements may still apply, so even if the candidate has permanent residence outside of an export restricted country, we may not be able to allow the candidate to take a certification exam, or be able to provide the candidate with a certificate.

10. Fraudulent Activity Policy

RDoC reserves the right to take stringent action against any candidate involved in fraudulent activities, such as cheating during exam, forging of score reports, misuse or tampering of certificates, violation of exam retake policies or other activities deemed fraudulent by the RDoC.

RDoC considers use of, or sharing of materials pertaining to our certification exams, to be a violation of the Fraudulent Activity Policy. Candidates can check if the materials they are purchasing are prohibited by visiting our website. The candidates must ensure that all materials they purchase or use to prepare for exams are not violations of this Fraudulent Activity Policy.

If RDoC observes, in its sole discretion, that a fraudulent activity has taken place, it reserves the right to take action up to, including, but not limited to, decertification of a certified person, indefinite or permanent ban of a candidate from our certification programs, and notification to law enforcement agencies. Candidates found committing fraudulent activities will forfeit all fees previously paid to RDoC and may be required to pay additional fees for services rendered. The candidates can email to the RDoC if they want to report any fraudulent activity.

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