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Rocheston Certified Trainer (RCT) Program

In order to become a RCT, you need to go through Rocheston's Faculty Development Training Program (FDP). The participants of this intensive program will become technical and instructional experts in the future. Join this exclusive group of professionals and reap benefits of the enriching RCT training certification program.

Once you are enrolled into this program, you will also get access to the complete library of our official training and certification products; substantial discounts on exams, course books and other products and resources. RCTs will be a part of exclusive online community of Rocheston and will also get invitations to various events and programs hosted by the organization.

Why should you become a Rocheston Certified Trainer?

As a RCT, you need to earn a Rocheston Certification validating your experience and knowledge in using Rocheston services and solutions for each course you deliver.
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Once you are a qualified as a RCT, you can:

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Conduct CCIO and other sessions for your institution with an internally agreed fee structure with your institution.

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Gain RCT Accord Portal membership and have access to all updated content on the portal and all Rocheston Online Courses, Powerpoint Slides, etc (ROCs).

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All qualifying RCTs can participate in the CCIO 'Train the Trainer' program which allows you to train RCTs across the globe

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Access exam collaterals and information for the CCIO certification program.

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Conduct CCIO sessions outside your institution

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Carry out non-commercial distribution and expansion of the CCIO volumes.

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Access interactive activities for all CCIO modules.

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Participate in the future 'Train the Trainer' programs run by Rocheston

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Gain in-depth understanding of all CCIO modules.

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Receive RCT Welcome Kit containing certificate, membership ID card and other collaterals.

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RCT Certification Program and Requirements

The Rocheston Certified Trainer program is an annual membership program.The requirements to become a Rocheston Certified Trainer are:
  • 1

    Step 1

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    Pass the CCIO exam
  • 2

    Step 2

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    Sign the Rocheston Certified Trainer (RCT) Agreement
  • 3

    Step 3

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    Attend CCIO Train the Trainer program via online or a 3 day-regular CCIO class taught by another RCT
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    Step 4

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    Receive your Welcome Kit with Accord Portal logon details
  • 5

    Step 5

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    You can download CCIO slides and other teaching materials
The three-day live session can be conducted at your institution or at a different location with prior notice
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Ongoing Support Material and Programs for RCTs

As a Rocheston Certified Trainer, you will gain access to your personalized Trainer portal or the RCT portal, where you can find a wide variety of useful resources, download your RCT certificate, RCT program logos, and engage with the RCT community.

Your portal will also connect you to the latest news and resources, including training resources, announcements about exams, and Rocheston training and certification products. RCT benefits will include:
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RCT Central

It offers both technical and soft skill training materials to help RCTs prepare for teaching Rocheston courses. In addition, it provides access to product and program resources; helps RCTs stay up-to-date with the latest news, find a job or connect with other RCTs around the world.
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RCT Prep Kits

This will give access to online Trainer preparation packs containing relevant content for teaching courseware, including videos, slide decks and courseware content in a convenient format.
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Rocheston Download Center

Receive comprehensive access to the entire Rocheston library of training and certification materials.
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Courseware Marketplace

Access to all the Rocheston Online Courses (ROCs).
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Courseware support

Get direct Rocheston support for questions on official Rocheston training and certification products.
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RCTs will have free access to Rocheston Labs Online at Cybernetwork® in order to ensure Trainer readiness.
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Rocheston Certified Trainer exam discounts

We value RCTs and are committed to upgrading their certifications. So, when a RCT schedules an exam with Pearson VUE using Rocheston account credentials, you will get an automatic discount.
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RCT community

Be a part of exclusive private communities for peer support, networking and communicating with Rocheston training and certification teams.
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Access to e-Learning Cyberclass®

Learn new technologies and experience different delivery techniques by taking up courses through Rocheston Cyberclass® e-Learning platform.
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Avail discounts on Rocheston Press Store books

Receive a 40 percent discount on all printed books and a 50 percent discount on all e-books from Rocheston Press Store catalogue.
The RCT program is for educators around the world, who actively deliver training on Rocheston courses.
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RCT program entry requirements

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Previous experience as an educational instructor
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Demonstrate instructional skills
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Proficiency in English
Note: To continue as a RCT, you must meet the program renewal requirements by your anniversary date.
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RCT program renewal requirements

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Possess a current Rocheston Certification or qualification, eligible for the RCT program.

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Meet the minimum requirement of teaching one batch per year.
Note: The renewal requirements are subject to change.
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Application Process

To apply for the RCT program, you can log on to the Rocheston website directly or coordinate with your employing institution.

If you are an employee of an Institution or Training Organization and your employer intends to pay your RCT program fee, follow these steps:

1. Purchase a RCT voucher
2. Complete the application form
3. Enter your RCT voucher code in the application

After you complete your application and payment, watch for your RCT welcome email. You can then access RCT content on your dashboard.

RCT Support

If you need assistance with your RCT application, payment, benefits or if you have a general query regarding the RCT program, browse through our list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) or contact the support team through RCT support forum.
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RCT Cancellation and Termination

The cancellation process involves a mail forwarded to RCT support giving the intimation and stating the cause of cancellation. This process will be verified through a phone call to the concerned Trainer and their registered employing institution. Cancellation could take upto 3 weeks. In the event that a session is being conducted during the cancellation process, the concerned Trainer is required to complete ongoing sessions and any sessions scheduled within 60 days of the intimation.

Trainer's services may also be terminated in the event of failure to comply with any of the following regulations:
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Breach of Rocheston's code of conduct and ethics

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Breach of Hosting Institution's code of conduct and ethics

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Absence at a previously scheduled session with no prior intimation

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Absence of Instructional skills: If more than 50% of attending students provide a negative feedback for 3 sessions or more in a year, your license will come under review and might be revoked, if found guilty in deviation

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Lack of minimum sessions in 1 year. ( 1 session per year)

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Breach of Rocheston's NDA

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Unauthorized distribution of Rocheston's digital and physical collaterals and materials. This, however, does not include derived materials created by the concerned Trainer for non-commercial purposes

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Faulty preparation of students where more than 50% of attempting students fail the CCIO certification examination

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Inability to complete all modules in the provided session time on more than 2 occasions in 1 year.

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Termination by the concerned Trainer's employing institution will be investigated by Rocheston. In the event that the cause is deemed uncharacteristic of an RCT, the concerned Trainer's certification may be withdrawn.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    • What are the requirements for renewal?
      To renew you must fill the renewal form and complete the payment that amounts to the renewal fee on the Accord Portal.
    • Where do I find my renewal deadline?
      The expiry date will be shown on your RCT certificate.
    • When can I renew my RCT membership?
      You can renew your RCT membership at the Accord Portal.
    • I missed my renewal deadline. How do I fix this?
      You can get in touch with the RCT support team. They guide you through the renewal process and be of assistance till the issue is resolved.
    • When will my RCT renewal or reinstated application be approved?
      The RCT renewal application will be approved in two to three business days, from the time of renewal completion and submission.
    • I'm applying to the RCT program for the first time. When will my application be approved?
      Same as others, your application will take two to three business days, from the time of the application completion and submission.
    • What is a qualifying certification?
      It is a RCT number that qualifies you to lead the CCIO program and provide all benefits to an RCT.
    • Where do I find the list of qualifying certifications?
      You can find the list in RCT Qualification section at the Accord Portal.
    • Where can I find the list of approved instructional skills that the certification provides?
      You can find the approved instructional skills on the Accord Portal, by selecting the tools and resources section.
    • While trying to complete my RCT application, I receive a "system unavailable" error message. What should I do?
      You may log off the portal and try again in 30 mins. If the problem persists, please contact RCT support team to resolve the issue.
    • How do I cancel my RCT application?
      Cancellation request must be provided to Rocheston via email from your employing institution. Cancellation will take up to three to four weeks.
    • How do I change the country or address associated with my RCT application?
      You can change your personal details by logging in Accord Portal. Click on account section and change your personal details in the provided space.
    • I accidentally chose the wrong employer type on my RCT application. How do I change it?
      You can change your employer details through the Accord Portal. Click on Account section.
    • What is the difference between an FDP and RCT?
      There are no differences between a FDP and an RCT. Both enjoy the same benefits and responsibilities.
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    • What benefits do I get with my RCT membership?
      You will find the whole list of benefits and ways to get in touch of RCT support in the "Benefits" and "Support" sections of the brochure and the Accord Portal.
    • How do I obtain my Rocheston Press discounts?
      Please enter your RCT membership number at the time of online purchases. You may also display your membership number and proof of ID during any physical purchases.
    • Do RCTs receive discounts on Rocheston Press Store books?
      Yes, you can avail the discounts using your RCT membership number.
    • How do I find a list of RCT events in my country/region?
      You can visit the Events section in the Rocheston website and sign up for our newsletter, this will ensure automatic updates to your mailbox.
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    Exam discounts
    • How do I get my free Rocheston Exam vouchers?
      It will be provided to you along with your RCT Welcome Kit
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    • Where can I download my transcript?
      You can download the transcript from the Tools and Resources section in the Accord Portal.
    • Why aren't the courses that I'm eligible to teach appearing in my transcript?
      Please allow two to three weeks for updates on the portal. You can contact RCT support team if you don't receive updates by the end of third week.
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    • Can I use a voucher code with other types of discounts (such as an Institution or Training Organization discount)?
      Your RCT voucher allows you to avail discounts on all certification and certification related products of Rocheston. The discounts will be available for all current and future products.
    • Where can I purchase RCT vouchers?
      RCT vouchers will be provided to you along with the welcome kit.
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    Welcome kit
    • What's included in the RCT welcome kit?
      Your RCT voucher allows you to avail discounts on all certification and certification related products of Rocheston. The discounts will be available for all current and future products.
    • Where can I purchase RCT vouchers?
      • RCT Voucher
      • RCT Accord Portal Login
      • CCIO Volume 1
      • CCIO Volume 2
      • CCIO Volume 3
      • CCIO Courseware Workbook
      • Program Guide and training Manual
      • CCIO Brochures
      • RCT Brochures
      • One free edition of the latest Distinguished Magazine
      • USB Pen drive
      • Rocheston Badge
      • Rocheston Stationery (Pen and Notepads)
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